Getting Started With Go

This is a talk I presented at the first Kansas Linux Fest in March 2015. I gave it again that month at my company’s internal roundtable and again for devICT that July.

Regular Expressions 101

In March 2013 I gave a presentation to my local development group devICT over the different forms and uses of Regular Expressions. The talk was just under two hours long and was well received by the audience (approximately 25 developers). The presentation was broadcast through Google Hangouts On Air and the video is available on YouTube.

Implementing OOP

Back in June 2014 I gave a presentation to devICT about how to use Object Oriented Programming in PHP and Ruby. I chose this topic when I was explaining inheritance to a friend and realized others would be interested. I chose PHP and Ruby for examples because I was already familiar with OOP in PHP and I wanted to learn more about Ruby’s object model.

Templating In PHP With Twig

In November 2013 I gave a short presentation to devICT about the PHP templating engine Twig. The talk covered the basics of installing/configuring Twig, rendering templates, and writing templates.

Vim Contributions

When I started using Vim as my primary editor I found my second love. Its pure efficiency combined with its extendability have yet to leave me seriously wanting for any features. I have made some contributions back to the vim ecosystem.