Vim Contributions

When I started using Vim as my primary editor I found my second love. Its pure efficiency combined with its extendability have yet to leave me seriously wanting for any features. I have made some contributions back to the vim ecosystem.

I previously maintained a fork of the popular spf13-vim distribution. I have since abandoned that fork and created my own .vimrc which is hosted with my dotfiles.

I have also ported the default Powerline theme to the powerlineish theme in the vim-airline project. It’s pretty neat to look at someone else’s .vimrc and see they’re using the theme I ported :)

In March of 2015 I collaborated with my friend Matthew M. Keeler on a pair of talks about our favorite editors. I covered the things that I love about Vim and how I use it daily. The video is available on YouTube and has over 8k views as of September 2016.