At home my desktop PC acts as a UPNP media server and is the box I use to download torrents. This machine was inconveniently located in my basement. There were many times when I would want to start a download but the only device nearby is my phone. I found that finding and downloading a torrent file then getting it to my torrent machine was a cumbersome process. Furthermore, many sites that index torrent files contain advertising that ranges from annoying to inappropriate to explicit. I decided to create a service that facilitates the process of finding the .torrent files and triggering their download. The service does not download the torrent itself; just the torrent file.

When I started this project I knew that I wanted to build the service as a REST API that I could then consume through various clients. I intend to develop web, command line, Android, and iOS applications. The service was written in Bullet PHP and serves the API with the HAL Hypermedia Type. The service was developed using a combination of TDD and BDD practices with tests in PHPUnit and Frisby.js.

This is a collaborative work with my friend Matthew M. Keeler.