Taming tmux: Find One Process Among Many Windows

I’m a big fan of tmux and I use it daily. Over time I will open more and more windows and my workspace starts to get a bit cluttered. Occasionally I will try to open some file in vim that is already open in another window. I used to dread playing “find the right window,” especially if I had backgrounded vim. This happened often enough that I spent the time to make a little tmux keybinding for finding that window automatically.

My Dotfiles

It seems like every *nix developer hosts at least their bashrc file on GitHub and I am no exception. My repo uses the Ruby gem homesick to easily keep my config files in sync.

Vim Contributions

When I started using Vim as my primary editor I found my second love. Its pure efficiency combined with its extendability have yet to leave me seriously wanting for any features. I have made some contributions back to the vim ecosystem.