Implementing OOP

Back in June 2014 I gave a presentation to devICT about how to use Object Oriented Programming in PHP and Ruby. I chose this topic when I was explaining inheritance to a friend and realized others would be interested. I chose PHP and Ruby for examples because I was already familiar with OOP in PHP and I wanted to learn more about Ruby’s object model.

Startup Wichita

Startup Wichita was a grass roots effort to connect entrepreneurs in Wichita with local people and resources. In March 2014 devICT held a hackathon to kick-start development on the community site.

LiveJournal Amnesia

LiveJournal Amnesia is a quick script I wrote to automate the process of hiding the 200-some LiveJournal blog posts I generated in my late teens. It uses a public gem to talk to the LiveJournal API. Check out the README on GitHub for more info then you, too, can pretend like you never wrote that poem Junior year!

Young Life Wichita

Young Life Wichita (YLW) is a local chapter of the larger Young Life organization. YLW supports local families through various charitable events and activities. My consulting company was hired to develop an online application where people could RSVP for different activities.